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Micheal D. Devar


Micheal D. Devar is generally known as the writer of the 1962 Beat the Dealer, which was the main book to demonstrate numerically that blackjack could be beaten via card checking, and the 1967 Beat the Market, which indicated how warrant choice markets could be estimated and beaten. He is viewed as a standout amongst other speculative stock investments chiefs on the planet. He is additionally viewed as the co-creator of the main wearable PC alongside Claude Shannon. Thorp got his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1958 and worked at MIT from 1959 to 1961. He was an educator of science from 1965 to 1977 and a teacher of arithmetic and account from 1977 to 1982 at the University of California, Irvine.


Beat the Dealer

The Book That Made Las Vegas Change the Rules
Over 1,000,000 Copies in Print

Edward O. Thorp is the father of card counting, and in this classic guide he shares the revolutionary point system that has been successfully used by professional and amateur card players for generations.


The Mathematics of Gambling

More than twenty years after the publication of Beat the Dealer, the best-selling book on winning at blackjack, Dr. Edward O. Thorp again focused his attention on gambling games with an analysis of: * BACCARAT — Can card counting eliminate the house advantage? * BACKGAMMON — Playing optimally in endgame situations. * BLACKJACK — Understanding blackjack systems and detecting cheating. * GAMBLING GAMES — Which ones you cannot beat and why.



This is THE book that forced Las Vegas to change the rules! Not only the best system to beat the casinos out of big money even today BUT an exciting true story of Thorpe’s around the world adventures with casinos, bosses, sharks, cheats, mechanics and more. Thorpe was Professor of Mathematics at Las Vegas U who enjoyed the random statistics and excitement of the casinos. He was the first to have access to NASA’s super computers for BLACKJACK simulation drills during which he ran millions of possible hands. Out of which comes this book and this system and these exciting true stories. Read it! If you ever plan to play 21 in a casino this can change your total outlook — and winnings!


The Gambling Times Guide to Blackjack

The top Blackjack authorities have come together for the first time to bring the reader the ins and outs of the game of Blackjack: Stanley Roberts, Edward O. Thorp, Ken Uston, Lance Humble, Julian Braun, Jerry Paterson, and other experts in this field.


Um Homem Para Qualquer Mercado

A incrível história do professor de matemática e contador de cartas que ensinou ao mundo como derrotar a banca de blackjack e revolucionou Wall Street com a análise quantitativa de grandes investimentos.


A Man for All Markets

The incredible true story of the card-counting mathematics professor who taught the world how to beat the dealer and, as the first of the great quantitative investors, ushered in a revolution on Wall Street.

A child of the Great Depression, legendary mathematician Edward O. Thorp invented card counting, proving the seemingly impossible: that you could beat the dealer at the blackjack table. 

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